We arrived at the hotspot to two little orca calves bursting out of the water towards us. The excitement was rife across the boat as the two calves, Blade and Shepp surged after us and around us, entertaining us with their playful antics.

Nibbles and Fanscar soon joined us. Nibbles is huge! I mean HUUUGEEEE. Any time he surfaced, he took our breath away with his huge size.

Fanscar has some wounds that were new. A wound across her eye and at the end of her snout. The wounds are likely from a predation.....perhaps a giant squid! Luckily she didn't seem too bothered by these at all.

We were also lucky to see dolphins and pilot whales. A friendly Black-browed Albatross followed our boat, flying alongside us and getting very close. He was clearly after food, and although we enjoyed the close encounter, we didn't encourage his behaviour by giving him any.

After a day full of activity and close encounters, it was time to head back. We spotted El Notcho and his pod as we headed in. It was clear though, that they didn't want to be bothered, so we left them alone and continued back home, content with our action-packed day!