Rise Photography Awards

I was very excited to receive the news late last night that I had won two silver awards in the Rise International Photography Awards. This was my first time entering the Rise awards, and I only entered the two images so I was over the moon to find out both had won a silver award.

I received excellent feedback on both images. What a way to start the weekend!

perth wedding photographer perth family photos

This image came into my head one night while browsing through my friends Instagram. I sent her a message saying "Hey, I have this crazy idea-can I photograph Norbet and make it seem as if he's had an awful haircut?!" Thankfully Janeece was on board and "Bad Haircut" was born. This image is actually a composite of about 10 images and my first real attempt at this kind of creative image. It was fun to make and I can't wait to create more like this.

perth wedding photographer perth family photos

"Galungan" is a series of images from a small, traditional village in Bali. Galungan is a Balinese holiday celebrating the victory of dharma over adharma (the triumph of good over evil.) Bali is an awesome place to visit (I can't wait to go back once the world returns to some kind of normal) but every time I go I always try to visit places off the tourist radar. We were so lucky our driver took us to this little spot off the beaten path, and we got to witness this ceremony.