How to get the best photos on your Wedding day

Your Wedding Day often passes so quickly, before you know it, its all over! One thing that does last forever though is the photos taken on the day. Not only do these last forever, but they are shared and enjoyed with family and friends for years and years to come. More often than not, they hang pride of place in the home. But so many people are nervous in front of the camera (myself included!) so how do you ensure you get the best photos on your wedding day? Let me share some tips to help you.

 Start Searching Early

About a year before your wedding date is the ideal time to begin your search. You can use a variety of sites to search, or go in person to wedding events and shows. But here is something to keep in mind.

Many Photographers can book out a year or two in advance, so don't leave it too late.

Choose a professional! Yes it may be more expensive than Uncle Frankie who takes some nice shots but there's a reason for it!

 Choose a Professional 

Yes you may know someone with a pricey camera who has offered to help for a small amount or even for free but quality tools are only half the package. Would you let just anyone build your house? Or would you rather trust trained and skilled builders? Yes you may have the best materials but they are useless in the hands of someone who has now idea how to adequately use them. Its easy to be tempted by a good deal but many times I have seen couples who are disappointed with the result. 

Not only that, a professional is well versed in weddings-You don't have to worry about where they are - They will know what is happening and where they need to be and where they should be next. If you need guidance they will know how to help you, leaving you to relax and enjoy your day.

Your Wedding day is literally one of THE most important days of your life. Don't skimp on the important stuff.



Set Up a Meeting

Feeling comfortable with your photographer is important. I ensure you that I'm friendly! But it's important to me that we meet before your big day, to have a chat and a cuppa and get to know each other better. Not only can we discuss your upcoming wedding, ideas and plans but we can also go over any concerns or questions you may have.

Make a Run Sheet

A run sheet basically outlines how your day will run-what time the bride arrives, how long the ceremony goes etc. It you don't already have one to give to me, I'll be asking you to fill one out. Why? Its a great way to organize how the day will not only run for you-but also where I need to be and when-helping to ensure the day goes smoothly and without a hitch!

 Enjoy Yourself!

This is your special day-so may sure you relax and enjoy it.